Baby Dove

Baby Dove

Products to photograph:
- Rich Moisture Wash 34oz
- Fragrance Free Wash 34oz
- Fragrance Free Lotion
- Calming Moisture Lotion
- Fragrance Free Moisture Wash


-40 images to be used on social media (all images to be 1:1 aspect ratio)

-8 short videos to become reels on social media
Capture 5 unique video clips, that together form a story sequence. Each clip should be approx. 10 sec each (start recording 3 seconds before every action and stop recording 3 seconds after the action). 


Capture real, heartwarming and engaged moments between parents and baby, engaging in their bedroom and bathroom care routine, using the product

Dove had very specific families they wanted as models. They requested twins, siblings of certain ages and also a variety of nationalities. All models were sourced locally. 

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We are over the oon with these precious photos!

- Alice Kathleen